The Bully Police E-Book
Part IV>
   "Once viewed as harmless teasing, cyberbullying (bullying through the use of electronic devices) now accounts for the majority of abusive behavior among teens. Taunts and threats formerly confined to written notes and conversations in the halls now flows freely from one cell phone to the next before finding their way online and into a chatroom or onto a MySpace page. "    (From the article, "Bullies on a Virtual Playground…Sticks and Stones No Longer Needed" by Joe Bruzzese, MA)

   Part IV of The Bully Police E-Book covers all aspects of Cyberbullying and what can be done to stop it.

   "...children and teens feel that bullying and cyberbullying, is not just a big problem, but perhaps the number one problem they face every day.  In survey after survey, they see bullying as a bigger problem than peer pressure, drugs, drunk driving, cultural diversity, or the pressure of sexual promiscuity."   (From the "The New Wave" section, by Adrianna Sgarlata)

Have you been searching for information...
  • For a report, school paper, news report, letter to the editor, or a thesis
  • To get educated about what cyberbullying really is
  • To help solve cyberbullying problems in your school
  • That will teach children how to handle cyberbullying incidents
  • That makes that "cyber-target on your back" smaller
    If you are searching for any ONE of the above, this Bully Police E-Book is for you!
    In Part IV - Cyberbullying includes...
      • Press Release: Missouri Woman Indicted
      • The Internet: Best Friend/Worst Enemy 
      • How to Stop or Remove CyberInfo
      • The CyberChat Language
      • Emoticons and Things
      • Gamer's Jargon
      • Chatiquette
      • Solutions…What to do if you’re being cyberbullied
      • Bullies on a Virtual Playground…Sticks and Stones No Longer Needed
      • Letter to Congressman Hastings about “Cyberbashing”

      • The New Wave

          A warning About Cyberbullying
          The Effects of Cyberbullying
          Electronic Communication – Why is it so Different?
          Who’s cyberbullying Who?
          What to do if you are being cyberbullied
          Prevention – try to avoid the cyberbully
          Action Steps when Prevention Isn’t Working
          What to do?
          Written Notes and Phone Bullies
          Advice for Victims of Crimes

        States with Cyberbullying Statues
        Helpful Websites


      Prevention Specialists - Here is knowledge to stop the bullying, without costing a fortune
      Teachers - Learn how to raise awareness about the serious issue of bullying and cyberbullying
      School Administrators - As a leader, you create the culture for a safe environment
      Parents - Learn what to watch for and how to stop your child from being bullied
      Grandparents - Parenting never ends ~ You too, can make a difference
      Students - Doing a report about cyberbullying? Save yourself the time of searching for info
      Media - You have the ability to influence the public perception on bullying and cyberbullying
      Mental Health Professionals - See the connections - prevent the emotional pain
      Physicians - Your young patients need you to help them find ways to deal with the pain
      Program Directors for Children's Issues - Learn valuable resources for helping victims
      Everyone - The lessons in this e-book may make life worth living again for a bullied (or cyberbullied) child

    This E-book series encompass over 10 years worth of research as well as contributing articles from PhD's, M.S., Esq., and experts in the field of bullying.The writers who contributed to these e-books have one thing in common - they want to help kids who are being bullied as well as the kids who are the bullies. We have come together for the common good of ALL of our children.

    As the cover states, "Knowledge is Power" and gaining knowledge about bullying will give you the power to be the synergy of change for your child, family, school, and/or community in solving problems related to bullying.

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