The Bully Police E-Book
Part II>
   "...a double standard in our society about harassment and bullying.  If an adult harasses or bullies an adult at work or even his/her own child in the home, then the law or social services, or even a lawyer via lawsuit, can punish the perpetrator.  However, in a school setting, if an adult, or a child, harasses or bullies another child, many state laws neither protect the victim or punishes the perpetrator, bully or harasser." (From the Aricle, "When are Schools Liable", by Brenda High)

   In Part II of The Bully Police E-Book you will find expert advise for parents and their children on how to deal with school bullying...and the people who can prevent bullying. 

   "...Bullying needs to be exposed as destructive behavior rather than glorified, modeled, and ignored by adults. Just like tobacco or AIDS, bullying is a health and educational epidemic that threatens the minds and education of our children." 
(From the article, "Some Questions Parent's ask about School Bullies" by Stuart W. Twemlow, MD and Frank C. Sacco, Ph.D) 

Have you been searching for information...

    • For a report, school paper, news report, letter to the editor, or a thesis
    • To get educated about what bullying really is
    • To help solve bullying problems in your school
    • To find the best anti bullying laws in the U.S.A.
    • To know what to say to "boys will be boys" comments from adult/peers
    • That will teach your children what to say and how to handle bullying incidents
    • That makes that "target on your back" smaller
      If you are searching for any ONE of the above, this Bully Police E-Book is for you!
In Part II - For Parents/Kids
      Advice for Parents
    • Be Aware...Excuses
    • Short list What Parents can do
    • Suggestions for Parents When Dealing with Bullying
    • Important Info for parents-- PASS IT ON
    • The Parent & Student Bill of Rights 

    • Advice for Kids

    • What Kids can do trying to become invisible
    • Being Bullied? Here are some tips...
    • Choices: When Someone Hurts You
    • What can you do to make yourself less of a target? 

    • Helpful Websites
      Recommended Books
      Miscellaneous Links to Reports, Initiatives, etc.

    Prevention Specialists - Here is knowledge to help stop the school bullying
    Teachers - Learn how to raise awareness about the serious issue of bullying
    School Administrators - As a leader, you create the culture for a safe environment
    Parents - Learn what to watch for and how to stop your child from being bullied
    Grandparents - Parenting never ends ~ You too can make a difference
    Students - Doing a report about bullying? Save yourself the time of searching for info
    Media - You have the ability to influence the public perception on bullying
    Mental Health Professionals - See the connections - prevent the emotional pain
    Physicians - Your young patients need you to help them find ways to deal with the pain
    Program Directors for Children's Issues - Learn valuable resources
    Lawmakers - Learn the importance of protecting this country's youngest citizens
    Everyone - The lessons in this e-book may make life worth living again for a bullied child
This E-book series encompass over 10 years worth of research as well as contributing articles from PhD's, M.S., Esq., and experts in the field of bullying.The writers who contributed to these e-books have one thing in common - they want to help kids who are being bullied as well as the kids who are the bullies. We have come together for the common good of ALL of our children.
As the cover states, "Knowledge is Power" and gaining knowledge about bullying will give you the power to be the synergy of change for your child, family, school, and/or community in solving problems related to bullying.
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